Shoko....the festival

by Quiper

I will be very unpopular with this article buh like I stated in my 1st article I'm not out to make homies.

There is power in asking, collaborating and thinking outside the box. This "biggest urban festival"( I am sorry but a lot of us do not agree you might be the only one buh certainly NOT the biggest) needs to revamp cannot have a festival that just rotates the same local artists and also has a South African as the headlining act. Learn to grow fellas learn to experiment learn to ask other festivals how they do it learn to have partnerships that work...and most importantly do thorough research on these headlining acts you bring. 


A lot of people have been complaining about the surge in ticket price but hey they are entitled to their ticketing... 

I am an AKA fan but his show on Friday was dismal. A lot of people felt short changed. Dear organizers we need you as your paying customers to give us value for our money next time or take a break and regroup...bring us new acts that will blow our minds.....But unplugged Zimbabwe you were a gem with your lineup....Poetry slam what an utter sham. Jah Prayzah your set was better than what I've seen you do, Winky we need to talk, Ammara you have a lovely voice but you are now a dancer as far as the comments I got from people are concerned. We hope quality is part of the festival next year. 

Until next time yours 


(The Truth Sayer)

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