MbiraDzeNharira’s “Bvungurungwi KwaWaze (Road Block)” to explode in October

by Publisher T.P Chikepe

On the 25th of December 2015, MbiraDzeNharira was invited to perform at Mashingaidze’s place in the Msengezi farming area. It was a celebration of grandma Mashingaidze on her 90th plus birthday.

When the song “Karomo” was played grandma Mashingaidze rose and danced like a teenager and everyone stood in awe marvelling at the strength of the spirit that had been invoked, a spirit larger than life.

On that same day, there could have been other mbira accompanied ceremonies in the neighbouring farms, but the fact that MbiraDzeNharira was using electric mbiras, this meant that all other ceremonies in the neighbourhood were dwarfed to insignificance. It was indeed a road (sound) block.

The defensive stench of a civet cat (Bvungurungwi) creates a nasal boundary just as the multi-rhythmic sound of mbira invokes a spiritual boundary. Bvungurungwi KwaWaze tells the story of a myriad ancient African spirits chasing away evil spirits.

Bvungurungwi KwaWaze is MbiraDzeharira’s 12th album that was recorded soon after their performance at Mashingaidze’s farm and is a clear testimony of the power of a deep rooted musical, cultural and spiritual connection.


When it came to choosing a recording studio, Ike Mhlanga, a highly accomplished recording engineer of Digital Zone Studio was ushered into MbiraDzeNharira’s path.

Bvungurungwi is a seven track CD album comprising:-

  1. Karomo- Consequences of a loud mouth
  2. Bhurugwa Rembwa- Hypocrites
  3. Zamu RaMbuya- Grandmother’s breast is the best
  4. Ndimi Makabara- Ancestors come to our rescue
  5. Kambiri- The fame has travelled miles
  6. Mavirima- You played the wrong card
  7. Rudo- Love journeys.


This is the beginning of a creation of a mbira sound earlier dreamt of but physically unheard, sounds for the princes and princesses, kings and queens of the universe. The quality and clarity of sound and the highly mathematical precision of the synchronization of four mbiras and one rattle (hosho) spells a distinct outburst of a musical revolution worldwide. Tendayi Gahamadze simply sees Bvungurungwi as a “transitory stop over on a journey of a 100 miles”.


The album will be packaged in a unique three category style, namely:-

  1. Audio CD (Vocals accompanied by instruments)
  2. Audio CD (Instrumentals only)
  3. DVD album


This will result in the launching of all three categories in October this year at a venue to be advised and MbiraDzeNharira greatly thanks their fans and supporters for walking in the same path with the group’s vision and prophesy. For, from our culture, mbira has been given birth and to its heritage we will live to cherish its legacy.



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