Let's talk album launches

by Quiper

Yes it is I the truth sayer. I had a troublesome week just thinking about this our Zimbabwean music industry...is it where its supposed to be or its in that try your luck area?I will devour this beast article by article...Today let's talk Album launches. 

Looking back at the start of the year I can say 2016 has been the year that has seen a lot and I mean a lot of album releases, some amid pomp and funfare and others just thrown in the air like confetti. Some went on a massive marketing bid flooding our newsfeeds and social media platforms with their self proclaimed 'impending life changing' album launches.....while others just threw it on all social media platforms without so much as a word.

While I applaud this aggressive and impressive form of marketing Realise we need to remember...launching albums or anything for that matter is just like getting married. Don't exhaust all your efforts on the wedding its self but the wedding and life after it.....where have some of you gone after shoving your album launch marketing down our throats? We need to see the fruits of thy labor! 

I want to see growth...I want to see our artists living off of their produce...I want, no infact I need you my dear artistic folk to learn to read the game, study your prey, to know when to attack and how to attack...don't just attack because you can miss your target entirely. 

But kudos to you on releasing your work for us to listen to and maybe forget after first 2mins, and kudos to you for mediocre productions (guessing its the rush to throw something at us?)

Seek help and advice from people with the know how....simple....

Of the tons of released material am enjoying quite a few (should I mention names?hmmmm)....but hey to each their own is it not so?

Til we bump heads again

(The Truth Sayer)

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