All things MK Hombakadzi

by Quiper

Well folks I like to listen to music that makes me think in awe and lose myself at the same time. For that reason I interviewed the lovely Mk Hombakadzi whom I had the pleasure of watching last year at Shoko. I asked myself....where does this woman come from why have I not heard of her? my quest to get to know her better I did my research on her and followed her work. She is a full-time artist and she says s " my art is worthy of media attention and I got something to show the people." 

 She Is one of this country's most adapt vernacular female wordsmiths.....I introduce to you...

Mercy Kaminyu popularly known as MK47 Hombakadzi but I recently dropped the47 so now MK Hombakadzi. MK is a lady from Mutare born and bred.She is a vernac hip hop artist who used to work with a group called Projectfam who are known for the hit songs Matindingoma, Usacheme,Chabvondoka to mention a few. My music is an art of playing around with deep words and producing unique results for people to appreciate. 

Her music is on radio Powerfm, Zifm, Starfm, Diamond fm and Radio Zimbabwe. You can look forward to my self titled album HOMBAKADZI coming out in the next few months. .I'm signed under Track Records and my manager is Trevor Masango. Being on top of the world doesn't mean u have to be on higher ground achieving your goals its getting there. 

I have worked with a number of artists including Pastor Haisa, Sanii Makhalima, Rute Mbangwa, Roki , Mr Noxa.... the list goes on. It was a good experience coming out with good music. I am planning to do something around the country after album release. 

My mantra is to continue writing and releasing good music .
You can get her music on soundcloud and Reverbnation and u can watch Ndadzoka video feat Flexxo and Mr Noxa on YouTube.

                  Until we bump heads again...


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