First Things First


This is a courtship between you the reader and I the writing observer. In this dance of love I will take you step by step into the frenzy of all things entertainment, but to do that YOU must look the part.  Let us go into the rabits hole if you please...

The entertainment industry is some what fickle. You can be the best thing to ever grace peoples lives today and a thought tomorrow. My dear readers i want to delve into the importance of your image, be it  music, sculpting,sports, news anchoring e.t.c. Photoshoots help boost you as brand and your business as well.  

  1. A picture says a thousand words — whether it’s a product image, an image of you and your team or images from an event. Including an image in your press release will grab a journalist’s attention and help you tell your story.
  2. Think about the different images you might need. It’s useful to have a variety of shots — from your product in action, to cut outs to your product on a plain white background. That way, your shots will be appropriate for most uses.
  3. It’s always a good idea to invest in a proper photo shoot. Never underestimate what a photographer can do for your brand. Outside of the businEdit

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