Clearing the air


Let's just get all the formalities out of the way. I am not here to make friends nor enemies, i am here to balance the imbalance in social media. My job is not to suck up to anyone on any given topic nor to have anyone suck up to me (though that would be brilliant wouldn't it). 

Quiper is not getting paid to make friends but to write what I believe is the truth and what the truth wants me to believe. So dear reader ( I do hope you stay dear after all of this) i respectfully ask you to take several seats as i take this baby for a spin.

If you feel there are things i should look into do feel free to let me know, oh i do quite like a good challenge into what makes the human mind tick. What is it that makes these our tear ducts flow so freely and what makes us mere mortals feel invincible. My lovely boss has given me free reign to bring terror, questions and some form of answers to the fore.

so please as the title implies...i am clearing the air as to what i am here to do and i am one who gets the job done. Tell your people to not hold their breaths for this is going to be one alien ride :)


Keep it true


Quiper (the truth sayer)


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